Overseas Learning Experiences

At Foster Secondary College we encourage students to have a global outlook on life including an increased awareness, acceptance and appreciation of different cultures. We currently offer students a two week tour of China which includes a homestay with our sister school in Changshu. We started our sister school relationship with Xieqiao Middle School in 2013 and they have graciously hosted our school on three occasions.

The school has also welcomed students from Japan, France, Italy and Norway. Overseas learning experiences help to broaden and internationalise the outlook of students and educators and involve opportunities to spend time in another country. These skills have been identified as essential to 21st century learners who will be looking at their future employment opportunities and life choices from a global perspective. We have also had a group of Humanities, Art and History students in various year levels, participated in a study tour of Italy.


There are many benefits to an overseas learning experience including:

  • a more global outlook on life and an increased awareness, acceptance and appreciation of different cultures
  • increased independence, maturity, confidence and self-awareness
  • a new perspective on and respect for school and the importance of education
  • improved research, oral and written communication skills
  • motivation to further engage with other cultures through future travel, language skills and considering employment opportunities overseas.
  • Access to new ideas and experiences by working closely with different cultures and educational systems
  • Improved competence and confidence in the use of technology

Grand Canal Suzhou

Italy Study Tour

Dancing with the locals in Suzhou

In the classroom Xieqiao Middle School

Learning ‘Seal Cutting’ at Xieqiao Middle School