Year 8 Program

The Year 8 Program is based on the Department of Education & Training  implementation of the Victorian Curriculum initiative in Teaching and Learning. Our Year 8 Program, like the Year 7 program recognises the importance of Student Voice and encourages Ownership of Learning.

However, the Year 8 program also focuses on the importance of team work through developing relationships. More emphasis will be placed on using the information they find out about themselves and how this is of relevance to students in Year 8 and the wider school community. This is carried out in dedicated Personal Health and Development classes and also through cross curricular planning. Our Year 8 Melbourne Camp focuses on immersing students in multi-cultural experiences while also visiting the exciting attractions which Melbourne has to offer.

The Year 8 program seeks to build on all the hard work and positive results that have been gained by the Year 7 program. Literacy and Numeracy continue to be of extreme importance therefore the Year 8 Program  continues to provide more time in those subjects (Maths & English), and implement intervention programs such as the Fast For Word program where necessary.

The Year 8 Program takes a holistic approach to education; which includes academic growth and the development of important life skills, including teamwork and leadership skills. The program also seeks to assist students in acquiring a broad knowledge of themselves as learners and people. This is achieved through the election of Peer Activity Leaders, Student Ambassadors and SRC reps.

Student Ambassadors were chosen after a rigorous selection process where students registered their interest in the positions, identifying their own strengths and weaknesses, leadership experience and why they should be chosen for the important role. SRC reps were voted for by other students and Peer Activity leaders registered their interest and were then chosen by staff in Year 8.

We like to promote goal setting and reward students for excellent attitude, behaviour and work in and out of class. Each week a student in Year 8 received the Positive Culture Award for demonstrating excellent endeavour. Productivity and Improvement Awards are awarded to students approximately twice per term, and are based on learning effort across all subjects. Academic Excellence  Awards are presented to student who achieve in the top 10% of each year level on Semester Reports, and finally Attendance Awards are awarded at the end of each term.

Unique to the Year 8 program is the Broadening Horizons class which enables students to actively tackle issues important to our school and make and drive positive change. These projects are undertaken with organisations from the local community including Parks Victoria and the Shire Council. So far students have engaged with issues surrounding the canteen, litter, water and energy use at our school.



  • The whole year Habits of Mind – Thinking, Managing Impulsivity and Persistence

Term 1: Main Foci-

  • Learning to Learn
  • Elect Ambassadors and SRC reps
  • Integrating Theme – Exploration – Is there anybody out there?

Term 2: Main Foci

  • Working Collaboratively
  • Elect Peer actively leaders
  • Integrating Theme – History – Mediaeval and Indigenous

Term 3: Main Foci

  • Differentiation
  • Integrating Theme – Healthy Living

Term 4: Main Foci

  • Persistence and Assessment