Year 7 Program

The Year 7 program is continually being modified and improved to best meet the needs of students in the Corner Inlet district. The Program is based on the DET’s (Department of Education & Training) implementation of the Victorian Curriculum F-10 initiative in Teaching and Learning. Our Year 7 Program recognises student voice and encourages ownership of learning.

The motivation for Foster Secondary College to implement a Year 7 Program comes from a variety of sources.

One motivating factor is FSC’s membership of the RATL Program (Raising Achievement and Transforming Learning). Our participation in this program emerged from a series of Student Attitudes to School surveys and AIM data that showed us where we could improve. The Year 7 Program seeks to redress these issues. FSC is researching and developing strategies for Raising Achievement and Transforming Learning to improve student engagement.

FSC acknowledges the importance of Literacy and Numeracy, therefore the Year 7 Program will provide more time in those subjects (Maths & English), and implement intervention programs. In Year 7 Program, we believe that without literacy and numeracy skills, students are disadvantaged in most subject areas.

A definitive factor in creating the Year 7 Program was a conscious promotion of student involvement in the community. This means their College Community and also Town, Regional, National and World Communities. The Year 7 Program develops and celebrates active citizenship. Students are encouraged to be involved in groups outside school, including sporting clubs, interest groups and charities.

The Year 7 Program takes a holistic approach to education; not simply Academic growth. The Year 7 Program recognises that students aspire to a variety of pathways in their future, and tries to prepare individuals with the necessary skills, including teamwork skills and leadership skills. The program seeks to assist students in acquiring a broad knowledge of themselves as learners and people.

The Year 7 Ambassadors are chosen via a rigorous selection process where students registered their interest in the positions, identifying their own strengths and weaknesses, leadership experience and why they should be chosen for the important role.

Our Ambassadors are leaders. They lead by example inside and out of the classroom, working in conjunction with our SRC Representatives. The Ambassadors have presented to the Grade 6 students and their parents at Year 7 Information nights and spoken at sub-school and school assemblies.